"This Is Us" Cast Apologizes For Making You Cry in Exclusive PSA | Entertainment Weekly. Grooming for Justin Hartley by Stacy Bisel

MeUndies - Snowflake

"Best Friends Whenever" meet "The Good Dinosaur" (Make-up for Landry Bender)

MeUndies - French Terry Collection

Fairground Saints - "Can't Control the Weather"

MeUndies - The Rocking Dead

Beauty Make-up & Hair by Stacy Bisel

Nat Geo Wild - Vet School "Smell"

Nat Geo Wild - Vet School "Clean"

Nat Geo Wild - Vet School "Sherlock"

Flonase/Discovery I.D.

Discovery Family Channel - Dino Madness

Do You Want To Build A Snowman (from "Frozen") - Disney's Circle of Stars

ESPN / Guardians of the Galaxy - The Team

ESPN/Guardians of the Galaxy - The Breakout

ESPN/Guardians of the Galaxy - No Fear

Samsung GALAXY Note 2 - A Day in the Life of Rich Moore

Teacher of the Year - Official Trailer